Top 10 Online MBA Programs for Interactivity

The extent to which Online MBA students interact with each other, their professors and alumni is a key consideration for a prospective candidate. Virtual education has long been criticized for lacking interactivity, but more recently this perception has faded as online courses have improved. 

In terms of interactivity, Online MBA technology has been one key driver of this effectiveness leap, with business schools investing heavily in virtual learning environments designed to replicate the quality of classroom discussion on campus. This includes technology such as virtual and augmented reality, with remote students being beamed as holograms to campus in some instances. 

Investment in such immersive tools has been increased in the coronavirus pandemic, that forced even campus-based MBAs to innovate and pivot to online instruction. We’ve ranked the top 10 Online MBAs for interactivity below:  

Gainesville, Florida 51 Followers 16 Discussions
Florida - Warrington - Hough

The Warrington College of Business, of the University of Florida, is ranked by the Financial Times newspaper as having the best Online MBA for interaction, according to a survey of the school’s alumni, who rated the connections with students and graduates, but also the availability of faculty. What is more, Warrington College is ranked second on program delivery, in terms of the quality of live sessions and online exams. 

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Bloomington, Indiana 40 Followers 32 Discussions
Indiana - Kelley

Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business is ranked by the FT as having the second most interactive Online MBA program on the planet. And the publication ranks the Kelley School as having the best program deliver of any school in the world. Furthermore, US News ranked the school’s digital degree as the best overall in America this year. 

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Milan, Italy 18 Followers 3 Discussions

Italy’s Politecnico di Milano School of Management is highly rated for its online interactivity. That is because of its innovative digital platform called “Flexa” that uses artificial intelligence to tailor the learning experience to each student’s educational needs and professional goals. Fittingly, MIP’s Online MBA program focuses on digital transformation and was designed in collaboration with leading technology companies including Amazon and Microsoft. 

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Madrid, Spain 105 Followers 34 Discussions

Spain’s IE Business School in Madrid has long been a leader when it comes to immersive learning technology, having several years ago invested in the “WOW room”, a digital tapestry of screens that allows far-flung students to all see and hear each other, with the professor delivering the session in the middle of the room, or beamed in via a hologram. It makes for a realistic and engaging learning experience for IE’s Online MBA candidates. 

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina 36 Followers 21 Discussions
UNC - Kenan-Flagler

The Online MBA at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School is highly rated but also immersive and global, with students tuning in from across the world. Engagement with professors is also high, and the teachers are of a high calibre, since they are also teaching the on-campus MBA program at the business school in North Carolina. Making the program more immersive are the two in-person “summits” around the world where students meet up and strengthen their bonds, which helps to raise engagement when they are back in the online environment. 

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London, United Kingdom (UK) 92 Followers 24 Discussions

Imperial College Business School in London is renowned for its technology and innovation focus. So it fits that the school is one of the most forward-thinking when it comes to delivering an interactive Online MBA program. The school is pioneering the use of hologram technology to raise the engagement of students, and has developed its own “robo-tutor” that can quickly answer students’ queries. 

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Los Angeles, California 96 Followers 2 Discussions
USC - Marshall

The USC Marshall Online MBA program is all about global collaboration, with the school’s virtual learning platform giving students both rigor and camaraderie. Every module is designed specifically for the online environment by leading faculty members at the business school, who use real-world scenarios to engage students. This approach is in step with the school’s mission to produce forward-thinking future business leaders. 

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Coventry, United Kingdom (UK) 82 Followers 97 Discussions

Warwick Business School has invested in two film studios to put together high quality content that is just as engaging online as it is on campus. The highly ranked Online MBA is known as a digital innovator, with its website allowing students to watch lectures in real time, as well as access teaching materials and connect with other students for group work. They can also speak directly to lecturers online.  

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Durham (United Kingdom), United Kingdom (UK) 58 Followers 87 Discussions

At the UK’s Durham University Business School, students can access the “DUO” virtual learning environment that provides 24/7 access to learning materials including videos, cases and articles. Students also participate in a range of virtual activities that help to immerse them in the subjects they want to study. There are also live webinar sessions and tutor-facilitated group discussions on the school’s own online forum. 

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Manchester, United Kingdom (UK) 0 Followers 6 Discussions

Elsewhere in the UK, Alliance Manchester Business School puts on a highly interactive Online MBA program that is taught, in part, at several locations around the world. The content itself is practical, including a live business project where students gain valuable, hands-on experience that enhances their CV, even remotely. There are also virtual business simulations where students assume the role of a CEO and work together to solve business challenges. 

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