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Featured Are Online MBAs More Female-Friendly?
Oct 29, 2020
Some business schools believe that online education is a key to better gender balance on campus
Oct 16, 2020
It’s possible to work full-time while earning an MBA — holding your place in the job market and working towards a promotion or career switch
Oct 09, 2020
With online learning growing in appeal, here is what prospective students should look out for when choosing a course

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Millions of dollars’ worth of scholarships are being awarded to Online MBA students each year at top business schools all over the world. See the list of the best Online MBA programs for scholarships here.

Online MBAs are seen in business education circles as a way to redress the gender imbalance on campus. Many institutions struggle with this, but have strived to recruit more women into online education where there can be a far better gender balance than on campus.

Online MBAs are a growth market for many American business schools, which have in recent years launched more digital degrees in response to student demands for greater flexibility. See the Top 10 US Online MBA programs. 

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