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Featured Employers Warm to Online MBAs in Coronavirus Pandemic
Nov 10, 2020
Once seen as second-rate, online education is gaining favor as the corporate world shifts to remote working
Oct 29, 2020
Some business schools believe that online education is a key to better gender balance on campus
Oct 16, 2020
It’s possible to work full-time while earning an MBA — holding your place in the job market and working towards a promotion or career switch

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Worldwide, Online MBA programs are on the rise. And it’s clear why: an MBA delivered through distance learning is attractive to many professionals who don’t want to stop working for a year or two in order to pursue a degree. See the Top 10 Online MBAs Worldwide.

An Online MBA program can be an excellent career accelerator. Employers and alumni highly rate these digital programs with the courses helping so many students to attain better employment, achieve a pay rise or land a promotion. See the best MBAs for employability here. 

The extent to which Online MBA students interact with each other, their professors and alumni is a key consideration for a prospective candidate. Virtual education has long been criticized for lacking interactivity, but more recently this perception has faded as online courses have improved.

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