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Featured Ready to Switch Careers? How an Online MBA Can Help
Jan 27, 2023
Online students are keen to explore wider opportunities, prompting business schools to ramp up career services
Jan 11, 2023
Online MBAs are a way to take learning across borders and attract international students across the region
Dec 30, 2022
Online MBA programs now have a strong digital component, in response to soaring demand from participants and employers for skills that fit the digital era

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Worldwide, Online MBA programs are on the rise. And it’s clear why: an MBA delivered through distance learning is attractive to many professionals who don’t want to stop working for a year or two in order to pursue a degree. See the Top 10 Online MBAs Worldwide.

Online MBA students are more likely to receive employer funding than full-time candidates because they study part-time, so they do not need to leave their job to learn.

Many Online MBA programs now include a variety of periodic residential modules. This blended format helps students forge valuable connections with students and professors, but without having to sacrifice personal and professional commitments.

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