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Featured Should you Apply for an Online or Campus MBA When Lockdown Ends?
Jul 28, 2020
The coronavirus crisis is forcing business schools to bolster their online learning environments, but remote study may involve a trade-off between flexibility and networking
Jul 15, 2020
There will much more digital delivery of MBA programs in the new academic year, but campuses are reopening around the world, albeit with smaller class sizes and social distancing
Jul 01, 2020
Business schools are moving towards a new paradigm, where the physical dimension is not alternative to the digital one; they are integrated

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Most prospective students choose an Online MBA for the flexibility, but cost is a big factor in their choice. See the most cost-effective, high-quality MBA programs. 

Online MBAs are a growth market for many American business schools, which have in recent years launched more digital degrees in response to student demands for greater flexibility. See the Top 10 US Online MBA programs. 

The UK boasts some of the world’s best and oldest universities, and many of them are adapting to the digital revolution by establishing Online MBA programs. See the UK's best Online MBA programs.

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