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Featured How to Prepare for Your Online MBA Program
May 22, 2023
For working professionals who have been out of school for a while, getting back into the groove of becoming a student can be a challenge
May 12, 2023
An Online MBA costs time, money and effort, so what do for you, personally and professionally?
Apr 24, 2023
Schools are experimenting with immersive, 3D worlds to extend the reach of business education

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Over the past several years business schools from across the world have flocked to the Middle East to establish a physical presence and offer online education. The moves reflect the demand for management expertise among the local populous, amid a period of economic diversification, especially in the oil-dependent Gulf states.

Many employers are now warming to Online MBA degrees and so are prepared to pay a premium for graduates of the highest ranked business schools. One catalyst has been the coronavirus pandemic, which has made companies more comfortable with the idea of studying and working online.

An Online MBA can be a good way to reinvent your career. On these courses, many participants are experienced, mature professionals with established industry networks, which are a big source of support for career-switchers.

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