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Featured What have Online MBAs Learned from the Covid-19 Outbreak?
Mar 26, 2021
The disruption has been significant, and it forced the redesign of digital degrees
Mar 17, 2021
Because of coronavirus, business school applications are booming. However, that has made the 2021 admissions season one of the most competitive ever
Mar 10, 2021
The boundary between these two previously distinct degree programs is blurring, but they still attract very different types of students with unique aims

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Diversity can significantly enhance the learning experience of all the students in a program. See the Top 10 Online MBA Programs for International Diversity here.

An Online MBA does not need to break the bank. Many top US business schools offer affordable online programs for those on a budget. Crucially, affordable does not confer lesser status. Many of the cheaper / less expensive options are ranked by leading business publications. All of those in this Top 10 List have achieved accreditation from the AACSB awarding body.

Worldwide, Online MBA programs are on the rise. And it’s clear why: an MBA delivered through distance learning is attractive to many professionals who don’t want to stop working for a year or two in order to pursue a degree. See the Top 10 Online MBAs Worldwide.

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