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Online MBA rankings are often a key determinant for deciding on an Online MBA program. The rankings, if they are from reputable publication such as The Financial Times, can provide a robust overview of the best Online MBA programs and a good way to compare them.

A main issue is that, compared to rankings for in-class MBA programs, there are not very many rankings specifically for Online MBA programs. Instead, those interested in distance learning programs can often glean important data from the range of reliable rankings of in-class MBA programs out there. For instance, these rankings can often include information about research output and faculty, which can overlap with Online MBA programs. In this sense, MBA rankings can serve as a sort of proxy for Online MBA programs.

When you do use Online MBA rankings to compare programs, make sure you understand what the data the rankings use, and how. For instance, some Online MBA rankings take into account post-degree salary, and some do not. In terms of salary data, a ranking might take into account purchasing power parity (PPP), which can inflate data for graduates in developing countries. Some rankings compare metrics like interaction and scholarships awarded, while others might look at recommendations from experts.

Additionally, all of the most reliable Online MBA rankings publication taken into account business school accreditation, which is in itself an important signifier of quality. Significantly, the most important Online MBA rankings will not rank programs from business schools that lack accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS, or AMBA.

You can look at a ranking's methodology to see what factors are taken into account and how programs are evaluated.

Below you can see the most relevant Online MBA rankings, as well as popularity rankings for business schools listed on Find MBA Online. Below, you can read about other MBA rankings .

Global Online MBA Rankings

Financial Times Online MBA 2024
Financial Times Online MBA 2023
Financial Times Online MBA 2022

Online MBA Rankings

Besides the Online MBA rankings published by outlets such as the Financial Times, there are also a number of other specialized business school rankings that look at distance learning MBA programs.

For instance, the publication US News and World Report publishes, on an annual basis, a ranking of US-based Online MBA programs, which takes into account a number of factors, including engagement, student services, expert opinion, and faculty credentials. Notably, the publication does not factor in any information about post-MBA salary or career statistics.

Likewise, the Princeton Review, the college admissions services firm, publishes a listing of the best Online MBA programs. This ranking is based on surveys, which are sent to graduates and the schools themselves to complete. 

Other (non-Online) MBA Rankings

Beyond rankings focused exclusively on Online MBA programs, some publications also produce rankings for in-class MBA programs. 

The Financial Times, for example, runs its Global MBA Ranking each year, where it lists the top full-time MBA programs worldwide. It also publishes other rankings, for Executive MBA programs and other types of degree (and non-degree) offerings. 

Another publication ranking MBA programs is Bloomberg Businessweek. This publication runs a number of rankings, including for full-time MBA programs—both in the US and outside the country.

The Economist, also publishes MBA rankings.

US News and World Report, beyond its Online MBA ranking, also publishes rankings for other types of business degrees (and non-business degrees as well.)

The news magazine Forbes also publishes MBA rankings every two years, and it also focuses on US-based business schools.

For those interested in in-class programs in the United Kingdom, each year, The Guardian publishes its League Table for Business, Management, and Marketing, as part of its broader University Guide.

Likewise, The Times’ Good University Guide—which also looks at UK-based programs—is published annually.

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