Top 10 Budget Online MBA Programs in the US

An Online MBA does not need to break the bank. Many top US business schools offer affordable online programs for those on a budget. Crucially, affordable does not confer lesser status. Many of the cheaper / less expensive options are ranked by leading business publications. All of those in this Top 10 List have achieved accreditation from the AACSB awarding body. 

Because these many of these courses are available entirely online (which reduces the cost of faculty and teaching facilities), they can be completed more quickly than many campus courses (in as little time as one year). This further reduces the cost of tuition, which is usually paid per credit hour. 

There are incentives to apply. For instance, many cheaper Online MBAs waive the GMAT admissions exam requirement for candidates who demonstrate they are ready for the academic rigor through their work experience and academic achievements. Moreover, some courses will admit students who have no business background, but they have to take extra core modules to catch up with their peers, often incurring an additional cost. 

Stillwater, Oklahoma 6 Followers 6 Discussions

The Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University has an Online MBA that is a viable, less expensive alternative to a traditional degree. Classes are taught by the same faculty as the full-time version, ensuring a high standard of teaching. The program is uber flexible with online courses available 24/7. These modules include multimedia content and virtual activities to promote student collaboration. 

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Lubbock, Texas 0 Followers 0 Discussions

The Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University runs an Online MBA that can be completed in as little time as one year. Admissions are rolling (multiple deadlines through the year) and there is a GMAT waiver available on a case-by-case basis. There are concentrations available in information technology or marketing analytics. The course is delivered 100 percent online. 

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Conway, Arkansas 4 Followers 2 Discussions

University of Central Arkansas runs a hybrid, budge-friendly online and in-person MBA program. Classes are offered in-person in the evening and the course can be completed in one year. Students without a business background are encouraged to apply to the UCA MBA — if they take core classes in accounting, microeconomics, finance and business statistics. 

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Beaumont, Texas 4 Followers 1 Discussion

Lamar University in Texas runs a super-affordable, AACSB-accredited Online MBA that is delivered completely online. Students without a business undergraduate degree can apply, but they will need to take paid extra courses to catch up with classmates. There is a one-time application fee, but it is negligible. In addition to the core modules, students learn about employee incentives and professional development, negotiations and conflict resolution. 

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Springfield, Missouri 5 Followers 5 Discussions

Missouri State University’s College of Business runs a top Online MBA that is affordable. Tuition fees are the same for in-state and overseas students. Participants will develop global perspectives, critical thinking and communication skills. The course also focuses on the ethical implications of business decision making. A GMAT wavier is available. 

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Americus, Georgia 3 Followers 1 Discussion

The College of Business and Computing at Georgia Southwestern State University emphasizes ethics and multiculturalism. The Online MBA is included in several rankings of America’s most affordable digital degrees. Students without a strong business background will need a relatively high GPA to secure admission, and may have to take prep courses ahead of the start of the MBA. 

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Reno, Nevada 3 Followers 0 Discussions

The Online MBA at the University of Nevada, Reno, is ranked as one of the best in America by US News. Over two years, participants study in lock-step together, creating a stronger bond that is essential to the quality of classroom discussion and the responsiveness of the alumni network. The faculty teaching the Online MBA also teach the campus version. So the quality of the education is the same. 

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Lincoln, Nebraska 4 Followers 8 Discussions

The Online MBA at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln     has been ranked by a bevy of publications including the Financial Times, which said it offered the third best value for money in the world. The course is delivered entirely online and is highly customizable. Students can also add a certificate to the degree, for instance in business analytics or human resource management. Students have access to the same full suite of career services as full-time MBA candidates do. 

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Mississippi State, Mississippi 4 Followers 2 Discussions

The College of Business at Mississippi State University recently started waiving the GMAT and GRE admissions exams. Its Online MBA is ranked by US News and other publications have said it’s one of the most affordable degrees in the country. It has a new and improved curriculum that includes fresh courses in business decision analysis, strategic management in a competitive environment, and supply chain management. 

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin 3 Followers 2 Discussions

The University of Wisconsin’s Online MBA is ranked in the top 3 percent of online MBAs in America. It’s a consortium course delivered in partnership with three AACSB accredited business schools: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Business; University of Wisconsin la Crosse College of Business Administration; University of Wisconsin Eau Claire College of Business. 

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