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An MBA is traditionally a generalist management degree, giving students a solid theoretical foundation in every aspect of running a business, from marketing and sales to finance and accounting. Increasingly, though, these flagship business degrees are going niche. 

In the Online MBA world, students can pick from any number of specialized degrees in subjects like finance, business analytics, marketing and many others. What is more, even in generalist MBA programs there is a high degree of customization available today, with students able to tailor the curriculum to their personal tastes and professional interests. Many of the world’s highest-ranking business schools, all over the world, offer a high degree of customization.

The advantage to taking such a course is to make yourself more employable in that niche sector. But because many of the MBAs provide a grounding in other aspects of business, students on niche courses are by no means pigeon-holed to that sole career path. They have the leadership nous to move up the ranks in their organization and become a general manger, and to switch careers entirely if they so wish. In short, a niche MBA can get you wherever you want to go. 

Birmingham (United Kingdom), United Kingdom (UK) 31 Followers 15 Discussions

Birmingham Business School in the UK puts on an Online MBA in Global Finance and Banking that can make students more employable in those two sectors. On the course, they also gain managerial expertise to move into senior level positions. Most of the graduates work at banks, consulting firms or financial regulators, according to the school.

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Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK) 9 Followers 1 Discussion

Nottingham Business School runs an Online MBA in Data Analytics — a fast-growing field with many job opportunities. Students learn how to combine data-driven decision making with leadership, a skillset that many organizations are seeking in an economy that is rapidly being digitized. 

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina 36 Followers 21 Discussions
UNC - Kenan-Flagler

North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School puts on a generalist Online MBA program, but students can specialize in five “concentrations” that match their personal interests and professional aspirations. These include marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, strategy and consulting as well as data analytics and decision making. 

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At John Hopkins Carey Business School, Online MBA students can pick from six in-demand concentrations, such as healthcare management, entrepreneurship, finance and marketing. Students with skills in these areas are proven to be in demand, with 58 percent of the Online MBA cohort receiving salary increases while studying in the program. 

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 32 Followers 9 Discussions

The Online MBA program at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business is STEM-designated, meaning that at least half the curriculum is focused on science, technology, engineering or math. Carnegie Mellon University is one of the top-ranked schools in the world for these technology related fields. 

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Ann Arbor, Michigan 35 Followers 1 Discussion
Michigan - Ross

The Online MBA program at University of Michigan Ross School of Business is one of the most flexible, leading to specialization in a myriad of different fields. Of the 57 credits required for the course, 18 are reserved for electives in such subjects as entrepreneurship, business analytics and strategic marketing. Michigan Ross is one of America’s highest-ranking business schools. 

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Amherst, Massachusetts 11 Followers 21 Discussions

The Isenberg Online MBA with a focus in business analytics builds core skills for leveraging data to make better business decisions. This is a crucial skillset for business operations across sectors, from finance to retail. Isenberg is one of the world’s best business schools when it comes to Online MBAs, according to a ranking produced by the Financial Times newspaper. 

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Beaumont, Texas 4 Followers 1 Discussion

AACSB-accredited Lamar University, of the Texas state university system, has an Online MBA in marketing that provides a solid foundation in strategy and consumer behavior, and the tools to apply this knowledge in a digital world. That should give them an edge on the jobs market. 

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Aberdeen, United Kingdom (UK) 40 Followers 10 Discussions

Aberdeen Business School offers an Online MBA in Oil and Gas Management, which is specifically designed for students who want to build their skills in the lucrative energy sector. Situated on Scotland’s North Sea coast, the school’s location has allowed it to build solid partnerships with major players in the industry. 

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Babson Park, Massachusetts 16 Followers 6 Discussions
Babson - Olin

Babson’s MBA program is highly flexible, and the online version of it allows students to pursue the degree at their own pace. It also offers the chance to specialize in one of seven different business concentrations, including finance, business analytics, global management, and entrepreneurship, among others. 

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