Hi Duncan,

I am currently employed in India. I have 6+ years of experience including 3.5 years as a software developer and now working as a Product Consultant.

I want to pursue an online MBA program in UK/Europe as I want to move to Europe or UK in the next 2-3 years and want to progress to a Product Manager/Product Marketing Manager role.

My question is as far as online MBA's are concerned which would be better:
1. Warwick - Distance Learning MBA
2. IE Business School - Global Online MBA
3. Durham - Global Online MBA
4. Politecnico di Milano School of Management - International Flex MBA
5. Imperial College London - Global Online MBA
6. Others(Please suggest anything in the UK)

The MBA from the USA is really expensive. I know Warwick is ranked 1 according to the FT.
I'm looking for career services as well. So which would be my best bet now?

Waiting for your answer.