Hi everyone, I am currently looking at options for doing an online MBA with a budget of around 20k€. I work in the telecoms research area in Spain, and my short to mid term goal is to advance to more senior positions, e.g. strategy-related roles. For this goal, I believe that I could get a good ROI by studying in a well regarded Spanish university, which will give me the hard skills needed and also a stronger local network. For example, some good polytechnic universities offer non-accredited online MBAs for under 10k€, which obviously are not top courses, but are still well regarded in the country.

But in the long term, I would like to work abroad at some point (probably in the UK, but I would also consider the US and maybe the Middle East). For this goal, I guess it would make more sense to study in a solid, accredited UK university, which will look better on my CV (e.g. Bradford, or the Open University; even University of London or University of York, since I wouldn't be exploiting my contact network so much in the short term).

I would appreciate any advice on the most cost-effective choices to achieve both objectives. Thanks!