Hi everyone

Are you from Europe or South America and looking to apply for an MBA program? Do you need guidance and support throughout the application process? If so, I am here to help!

I'm an M7 grad student, female European with +5 years experience working in South America. When I applied, I got admitted into 3 T10 schools, all with a scholarship. Eventually, I went to an M7 and am now working at a large tech company.

I'm offering to review essays, CVs, and your overall story to help you make the best application. I have also worked closely with the admissions team and can help you prepare for your interviews when invited. I'd also be happy to help talk through the visa processes and everything related.

I'm doing all of this pro bono because I already have a full-time job, but I would love to "give back" and help out MBA prospective students who might be struggling with their applications. Given my background, I believe my experience can mostly help those from LatAm or Europe. I can share my knowledge and tips for maximizing your chances of being admitted to your top MBA choice.

If interested, send me a DM!