Hello everyone,

thank You for having a look at this post, first time here but now i feel more confused than ever.

I tell You quickly my background.

going to be 35 soon and I have spent nearly 20 years in Hospitality F/B, mostly all in culinary.

I am working in south east asia and I will be moving to my first corporate F&B role very very soon.

I want to leave the kitchen world and keep moving up the corporate ladder, to a very managerial role, I do kind of have all the qualification, but the only thing I do not have is the required Bachelor/Master for those position. FYI I did my college, I am Italian, we can compare to IQF 5, the one right before first year of university

Is time for me to have it, and it has to be completely online.

I was looking at RKC with their MBA Innovation, Leadership and Consulting, they say it could be done in an year, maybe 15 months, it cost around 9.608 euro (if pay in one solution, regular price is 10.980) and the MBA is awarded by York St. John University, which is a real legit university, they also offer executive MBA by Cumbria.

Now, as all of You are for sure more knowledgeable than me, do You suggest something better within my TIme/Bugdet range.

the reason I will be doing the MBA is first, and sorry if I may sound arrogant, to have the degree to be able to apply to those jobs, then secondly, to learn more. Also I have to add that I am not going to have a lot of hours per day to study and it has been a long time since my last class.

Thank you for reading in through.


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