Hope you all are doing well

I have 12+ years of experience in the Information and Communication Technologies and working as a Technology consultant in a company providing Management and technology consultancy

I am looking to develop my profile and study MBA and a little bit confused in the program selection and I'd appreciate your advice

My Goal is : strengthen my profile as I'd Like to continue in the consultancy field and Learn more about Product development , Product Management, Strategy , Roadmaping and around that are as If I changed the consultancy I'd Like to be on the product development on Innovation Management track

Region of interest : Europe (Where I live now) and (Middle east)

Programs : Online part-time ( I will not be able to Jiona full time on site program)

the options I am thinking about are

Option #1 :

General MBA from a top Ranked university within the budget of 30-35 K Euros

and here the program that I like are

- Alliance Manchester (Good reputation and well known in the middle east)

- Warwick ( is more expensive than the budget but I see it is the Top Ranked MBA program)

Option # 2 :

General MBA program from more cheaper schools and the programs here are

- Bradford

- Durham

Option #3 :

a technical MBA specialized in IT and Technology Management and the considered schools here are

- The open University

- Hult international flex online and focus more on the specialized selective modules

Option #4 :

here I am thinking If I went with option 2 or 3 the cost will be around 20-25 K euros so I can add more specialized post graduate certificates or programs from top universities like

Harvard , Stanford, Cambridge or MIT

I have found some courses or short programs ( which costs around 10-13 K euros )

which I can get beside one of the universities mentioned in option 2 and 3

Ex : this program from MIT

 I'd appreciate your advice

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