Hi everyone, I am currently working in a Fortune 500 pharma company in Singapore in a regional innovation role. I have a PhD in natural science and never got any formal business training. I am looking to enrol in an international online MBA program to get necessary management and leadership training with the goal of fast tracking my career progression to a global management role in 2-3 year's time. I am also looking for international mobility as my company often moves high achievers to global HQ in Europe in next 4-5 year. I want to keep my full time job while pursuing an MBA as I am not exactly looking to change career or industry. I have applied to ESMT, IE, WHU and Maastricht EuroMBA prioritising on international curriculum and moderate fees as I am not getting any company sponsorship at the moment. Any recommendation on which business school and program to choose given I get accepted in all the programs I have applied to?