Hello all,

I am looking for advice about online management education from Indian institutions for me as a European professional.

I am an IT consultant in the Netherlands. I am 40 years old and hold a MSc from a French university in my niche sector. I am relatively well-known in my specialty and I volunteer for a professional organization which gives me access to a considerable network.

I would like to go from solving relatively trivial technical problems, as I do now, to solving wider organizational problems. For this, I am looking into getting some management credentials in Digital Transformation/Digital Business/Innovation etc., though not necessarily an MBA: a certificate or short-ish (about 1 year) course would do.

*I do not necessarily want to become a manager, but more a consultant that talks to managers about strategic issues.*

I work regularly with Indian colleagues, outsourced staff, external consultants, etc., and Indians play an important role in my sector. I also see that Indian institutions offer online programs in that area, for a very low price. I wonder how meaningful it is for me to take one of those courses.

I am referring in particular to:
- this course by ISB: https://online-er.isb.edu/certificate-programme-in-digital-transformation/index.php
- this course by IIM Indore: https://iimi.emeritus.org/iimi-certificate-programme-in-digital-transformation-and-innovation/index.php
- the Amity Online PGD: https://amityonline.com/post-graduate-diploma-in-business-management-online
- or, indeed, the Amity Online MBA.

As far as I can tell, all three institutions are reputable: ISB and IIM are triple-accredited, Amity is WASC-accredited; it seems quite impressive to me. However, I do not see much commentary from non-Indians. And people often write disparagingly about Amity or Indian schools in general.

- Are those programs more meant for an Indian audience, or are they open to foreigners, too?
- What do you know about the quality of those business schools?
- Would a credential from an Indian university make my profile more interesting for a recruiter, or will he just think that I cheaped out?
- What level is a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma from India? In Europe we have the EQF levels, but I cannot find anything comparable for the Indian academic system.
- Are there cultural issues I should consider?

Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.