I've decided to pursue an MBA and have decided for mostly online distance programs at at Tier 1 Universities. I can't afford and probably can't deal with getting into the top programs like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc, so I've been aiming for Washington State University or University of Massachusetts since those are Tier 1 universities with fully online programs and are both affordable at both being under 30K. In addition, even though they are online programs, the degree and MBA received id the same as any Full time MBA student at those programs, ie no specification as being online.

First question, anyone familiar with those programs or have suggestions of similar priced and reputable ones that I can do online (trying to stay away from the Devry's and Phoenix's)?

Also, GMAT obviously is an admissions factor, but so is GPA. I have an unusual predicament with my GPA. I graduated from Washington State University with a pretty good GPA, it was 3.84. However, I didn't start my undergrad education at WSU, I did at another university, and not really being into school at the time, I never went to class and my GPA suffered dearly, being probably 2.2 if lucky I think. Anyway, I took time off from school after that and when I decided to get a degree I enrolled into WSU and got pretty good grades from there on out. Basically my final 7 semesters of college i received strong grades which constituted the 3.84 GPA.

Second question is, since MBA programs require you to submit transcripts from all colleges attended, will my low GPA from previous colleges bring me down during admissions? Or will the strength of my GPA from WSU be the one that counts?

Third question, is it alright or a negative factor to have an MBA from the same school as your undergrad degree? I'm interested and leaning towards WSU for the MBA even though I received my undergrad there. I do however have 5+ years work experience inbetween though, so it's not like i'm going directly to MBA after undergrad.

Anyway thanks for the info.